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PeterOct 19, 20233 min read

Synthetic Data Summit 2023 highlights progress, practical applications, and potential of synthetic health data

OTTAWA, October 19, 2023 – Replica Analytics Ltd., an Aetion® company, and the University of Ottawa, are set to co-host the third edition of the Synthetic Data Summit at the IET London: Savoy Place on November 30, 2023, in the United Kingdom. The event will offer unique insights into the world of synthetic data generation (SDG) and its transformative potential for healthcare.

SDG involves using generative AI to create synthetic data from real data while ensuring data privacy, security, and utility. Previously held virtually, the Synthetic Data Summit 2023 is an in-person gathering for chief data officers, privacy professionals, data scientists, and healthcare insights directors interested in how this technology is addressing critical issues in healthcare data, such as data privacy, diversity and data bias, enabling more equitable clinical research, and data augmentation.

“There have been important developments in SDG in recent years, including improved data generation for complex datasets, better evaluation frameworks for privacy and utility, and growing regulatory interest and acceptance worldwide,” said Khaled El Emam, SVP and GM, Replica. Dr. El Emam holds the Canada Research Chair in Medical AI at the University of Ottawa and has been developing and deploying privacy enhancing technologies for two decades. “We are proud to offer this timely and pertinent event in collaboration with our Aetion colleagues and the University of Ottawa, so that we can showcase recent developments and applications by and within the healthcare community.”

The one-day Summit has many distinguished speakers including European privacy regulators, large data custodians, representatives from health systems and life sciences companies, as well as researchers from academia. A number of life sciences companies will share their experiences using synthetic data in practice on real world data and clinical trial data. And Replica partner, Aridhia, will demo a new next-generation data sharing platform. Presentations will address not only privacy but also the role of SDG in augmenting data sets, as well as mitigating bias, in data sets.

Summit participants will gain valuable insights that can make a difference in successfully deploying SDG technology, extracting real business value from it, and implementing the best methodologies around its use.

For additional details, including the full program and registration information, visit: Synthetic Data Summit 2023.

About Replica Analytics, an Aetion® company

Replica Analytics Ltd. is the premier science-based synthetic data generation technology provider to the healthcare industry. The company is a pioneer in the development of unique technologies for generating privacy-protective synthetic data that maintain the statistical properties of real-world data (RWD). The company was acquired in late 2021 by Aetion®, the leading regulatory-grade real-world evidence (RWE) technology provider. Replica Synthesis is the industry’s trusted synthetic data generation software, and the latest in ensuring real-world data can go the distance. Replica Synthesis provides a full suite of synthetic data generation and evaluation capabilities that can solve multiple grand challenges facing the life sciences industry, and health research in general. For more information, visit:

About Aetion

Aetion Inc. is a healthcare analytics company that delivers real-world evidence for the manufacturers, purchasers, and regulators of medical treatments and technologies. The Aetion Evidence Platform® analyzes data from the real world to produce transparent, rapid, and scientifically validated answers on safety, effectiveness, and value. Founded by Harvard Medical School faculty members with decades of experience in epidemiology and health outcomes research, Aetion informs healthcare’s most critical decisions—what works best, for whom, and when—to guide product development, commercialization, and payment innovation. Learn more at and follow us at @aetioninc.

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