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DevMay 26, 20211 min read

New Partnership Between Aridhia and Replica Analytics

New Partnership Between Aridhia and Replica Analytics

(Ottawa, May 26, 2021) Aridhia and Replica Analytics announced today a new partnership integrating the data synthesis solution from Replica Analytics with the Digital Research Environment (DRE) from Aridhia. The combined offering gives clients a powerful capability to rapidly provision and make data available in a responsible manner, while allowing data custodians to meet their regulatory obligations.

The DRE provides a platform to enable trusted sharing of health data combined with a secure machine learning data analytics environment. The Replica Synthesis solution from Replica Analytics implements a data synthesis capability for complex health datasets incorporating its highly accurate risk assessment techniques and addressing privacy concerns with the broad sharing of such sensitive information.

The Aridhia-Replica Analytics integration brings together best-of-breed capabilities under one roof, giving our clients a rapid managed service for provisioning data using the latest developments and methodologies for preserving the privacy of patients and their data. The data simulator capability simplifies creating non-personal data and sharing it within data science teams.

“Our Replica Synthesis software is a natural fit for the data governance and analytics environment in Aridhia’s DRE platform, now making it much easier to get started with data access within and across the enterprise. Our two companies together provide clients with a one-stop offering to leverage their health data today.”

Khaled El Emam, CEO of Replica Analytics


“Our clients have been seeking a reliable way to create non-personal versions of their health data to share with a wide community of analysts. This partnership gives them an out-of-the-box solution to power their analytics initiatives.”
David Sibbald, CEO of Aridhia

To learn more about this combined offering and to see it on operation, join us on our webinar on
 June 17, 2021


About Aridhia

Aridhia is a health data science company providing a trusted data sharing and collaborative data science platform for healthcare and biomedical research applications (the Aridhia DRE).