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AdminSep 15, 20222 min read

Aetion joins the GetReal Institute

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS, September 15, 2022Following the GetReal Institute’s founding member announcement in May, we are pleased to share that Aetion , a healthcare analytics company that delivers real-world evidence for the manufacturers, purchasers, and regulators of medical treatments and technologies, has become the Institute’s twenty-fifth member. “On behalf of the GetReal Institute Executive Board, I warmly welcome Aetion as our newest member. They are a company specialising in informing healthcare’s most critical decisions, and they work closely with regulators and assessment agencies to support their real-world evidence efforts,” said Dr. Shahid Hanif, Managing Director, GetReal Institute. “Aetion is well positioned to make a significant contribution to the studies and projects that we are leading, and as such, will help us raise awareness amongst regulatory agencies, HTA bodies, and payers about the increasingly important role real-world evidence is playing in healthcare decision-making.”  “Aetion has been inspired by the mission of The GetReal Institute and is honored to join the esteemed founding members in advancing real-world evidence impact and methods,” said Nicolas Deltour, Vice President of Real-World Solutions, Aetion . “Our combined experience and technology enable Aetion to make a meaningful contribution to the Institute, as we collectively work to accelerate innovation and improve outcomes for patients in Europe and around the world.”  About the GetReal Institute Launched in April 2021 and building on the Innovative Medicines Initiative’s GetReal and GetReal Initiative, the GetReal Institute is an independent, member-led not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to facilitate the adoption and implementation of real world evidence in health care decision-making in Europe. We are committed to bringing together a diverse membership of public and commercial organisations to address critical challenges and opportunities relating to the generation, accessibility and use of real world evidence. We are an incubator and design lab to co-develop strategies, new methodologies, easy-to-use, innovative tools and training via the GetReal Academy. To learn more about the GetReal Institute and the issues we are addressing, visit and follow us @GetReal_Inst .   About Aetion Aetion is a healthcare analytics company that delivers real-world evidence for the manufacturers, purchasers, and regulators of medical treatments and technologies. The Aetion Evidence Platform® analyzes data from the real world to produce transparent, rapid, and scientifically validated answers on safety, effectiveness, and value. Founded by Harvard Medical School faculty members with decades of experience in epidemiology and health outcomes research, Aetion informs healthcare’s most critical decisions—what works best, for whom, and when—to guide product development, commercialization, and payment innovation. Learn more at and follow us at @aetioninc .