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AdminApr 22, 20203 min read

Aetion and HealthVerity launch integrated evidence solution to assess the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 interventions

NEW YORK, April 22, 2020 — Today, Aetion and HealthVerity built upon their existing partnership to offer Real-Time Insights and Evidence, the first and only real-world integrated evidence system designed for biopharma manufacturers and regulators to assess treatment approaches for COVID-19. The Real-Time Evidence Platform is an exclusive instance of Aetion’s platform built specifically for researchers to generate evidence on the usage, safety, and effectiveness of prospective treatments for COVID-19, and to continuously update and expand this integrated evidence as time progresses. It will also generate evidence on the impact of the pandemic on broader treatment use. The Real-Time Trend Reporting and Interactive Data Visualizer is a tool to help manufacturers and regulators understand the impact of COVID-19 overall and how patients, infected or not, are accessing health care resources. “As the industry moves to accelerate interventions for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19, the stakes are incredibly high,” said Carolyn Magill, CEO of Aetion. “Our offerings use HealthVerity’s comprehensive, real-time data to obtain decision-ready insights that can help meet the need for accelerated approvals and access, while maintaining our high bar for evidence to support critical safety and effectiveness determinations.” These tools employ real-time data, including medical and pharmacy claims, lab tests and results, hospital chargemaster data, and relevant EHR fields, to ensure timely and comprehensive information on diagnoses and treatments. The integrated evidence solution allows key stakeholders to understand disease progression of COVID-19 across demographic subgroups and to follow how COVID-19 is treated and managed over time in various settings. “There is no lack of fragmented data around COVID-19 symptoms, tests, and diagnoses, but the challenge lies in assembling data about affected patients in a meaningful way for research purposes,” said Andrew Kress, CEO of HealthVerity. ”With assistance from our top data providers, we have built ready-for-use, real-time patient longitudinal data sets to aid in the tracking and progression of COVID-19, as well as potential therapeutics and health care utilization at large. Combined with Aetion’s regulatory-grade analytics, we can help our clients rapidly unlock essential and novel evidence to expedite the race to treatments.” The need to find COVID-19 interventions, and to advance existing drug development programs, has sparked interest in non-traditional trials for questions on treatment safety and effectiveness. At this time, no treatments have been approved for COVID-19, and new drugs require a long lead time to develop; clinical trials for expanded indications often take between one and four years, and can take much longer for new drug approvals. The pandemic has disrupted the traditional clinical trial infrastructure and created new challenges for those running drug development initiatives. Nearly two-thirds of 170 clinical trial sites surveyed in the U.S. believe patients will be much less or somewhat less likely to enroll in new clinical research trials due to the coronavirus. The real-world evidence enabled by this solution can accelerate approvals and help fulfill the associated postmarketing requirements. About HealthVerity‍ Powering the largest health care and consumer data ecosystem, combined with best-in-class management and privacy solutions, HealthVerity is helping answer health care’s most critical questions. Our technology platform serves as the foundation for the rapid creation, exchange and management of health care and consumer data in a fully-interoperable, privacy-protecting manner. Advantaged by highly sophisticated identity resolution and matching capabilities, HealthVerity is on a mission to increase transparency, forge interoperability and activate deeper insights. To learn more about HealthVerity's technology platform, visit About Aetion‍ Aetion is a health care technology company that delivers real-world evidence for life sciences companies, payers, at-risk providers, and regulatory agencies. The Aetion Evidence Platform® analyzes data from the real world to produce transparent, rapid, and scientifically validated answers on treatments, costs, and outcomes. Founded by Harvard Medical School faculty with decades of experience in epidemiology and health outcomes research, Aetion informs health care's most critical decisions — what works best, for whom, and when — to guide treatment development, commercialization, and payment innovation into health care’s modern era. Aetion is based in New York City, and backed by investors including New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Flare Capital Partners, Lakestar, Town Hall Ventures, McKesson Ventures, Sanofi Ventures, Amgen Ventures, UCB, and Horizon Health Services, Inc. Learn more at, and follow us at @aetioninc.